Based on science, how I made reading a habit and 345-day streak at Duolingo

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You’ve probably been asked a question before and your answer was

And that’s because there is already a habit formed, but what is a habit? And when to tell there is a habit involved? And how can you create a new habit and quit a bad one?
Before answering such questions, we need to know why a habit is important, and can anyone develop one?

The importance of a habit

Habits are important since if they are good, they can lift you and make you more productive while keeping modest because you’re doing small increments that you can’t even consider…

Comparing the performance of pypolars and pandas

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pandas was initially released in 2008 written in Python, Cython, and C. Today, we’re comparing the performance of this well-known library with pypolars, a rising DataFrame library written in Rust. We compare the two while sorting and concatenating a 25Mil-record data and also when joining two CSVs.

Downloading Reddit Usernames data

Let’s first download a CSV file that contains ~26 million reddit usernames from Kaggle:

And let’s form another CSV file that we will use, you can create it with your favorite text editor or through the command line:

$ cat >> fake_users.csv


Now, let’s compare the sorting algorithm…

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Want to write a technical book or document your project?

Here I’ll walk you through how you can do that with python and sphinx. You can build content of tables that can contain sections to the chapters of your book. I will show you a case study to know how to insert images, hyperlinks, mathematical formulas, syntax highlighting for your favorite programming languages, and more.

Assuming you have some basic knowledge of python, let’s dive in and see what sphinx can do for us.

What is Sphinx?

Sphinx is a documentation generator library which can be useful to generate documentation for your project…

Trends in your hand

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Social Analytics companies have been massively using twitter to get insights about whatever data they are interested in for brands, celebrities, etc. and also trending topics. In this tutorial, you’ll know how to get countries that have trends on Twitter and also get insights about what topics are trending the most and be able to retrieve the URL of that tweet and its volume as well.

Here I’ll walk you through how you can do that with Python and Tweepy. You can do many other things with Tweepy other than trending topics but in this tutorial, I will focus on…

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Souce: Amazon

The ONE Thing was published in 2013 authored by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan and has appeared 500 times on national bestseller lists and more:

  • #1 Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today
  • Won 12 book awards
  • Translated into 35 languages
  • Voted Top 100 Business Book of All Time on Goodreads

This book’s value lies in ways to help you get distractions out of your life and stick to just one thing at a time to be more productive and get extraordinary results.

On a personal level, I applied this book and found the ONE thing I need…

An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Source: Amazon

Atomic Habits is the #1 New York Times bestseller. Over 1 million copies already sold. Authored by James Clear and published in 2018.

This book distills so much value into forming new habits and is very practical and to the point when explaining the four laws of behavior change to better understand human behavior.

On a personal level, I’ve created a new good habit while reading this book being consistent in writing every single day.

In this blog post, I’ll compile my notes on the book that has 6 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Fundamentals
  3. The 1st Law: Make It Obvious
  4. The…

While they can establish the same startup ideas from scratch

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On January 14 this year, Google bought Fitbit (a wearables company) for 2.1 billion dollars!

The question is why a big name like Google buy a smaller company like Fitbit and such an acquisition is worth billions of dollars?!

The same question goes for many big names and another question comes up because these big companies have very talented engineers who are able to replicate what small ones can do. So what makes big companies think about buying more in the first place?

Reasons may differ from one company to another; it may also interchange with another reason, but we…

My notes and review on the book to apply habits that can transform your life

Source: Amazon

The Power of Habit is a best seller book for the New York Times,, and USA Today; authored by Charles Duhigg and first released in 2012.

This book explores the science of habit and how you can change your life by creating good habits and reforming your bad ones.

On a personal level, I created new good habits while reading this book being consistent in reading a book and learning a language every single day.

What makes this book really valuable is the dependence on 100s of interviews and 1000s of scientific papers and studies to understand how our…

Learn the fundamentals of programming by asking questions

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What programmers do when they solve a problem is that they convert the logic to questions and then try to find answers to those questions.

We always do these steps in any programming problem:

  1. Convert the business logic to questions
  2. Be able to find answers to these questions in code

This article is for complete beginners in Python and/or Rust, we’ll see a case study and we’ll try to solve the problem involved by asking questions

And will go through each line of each code written in Python and Rust to be able to answer the questions raised.

Let’s do…

Solving a leetcode problem comparing runtime and memory usage

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When I was coding with Rust to solve this problem, I thought I was dealing with memory so harshly and also thought that time will not be very optimized.

Until I saw this:

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